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race weekend with formula 3
  • Race Weekend | Track Day with Formula 3 in Italy | Germany | Austria | Belgium

    Want to be a race driver ?

    Searching for a winning team ?

    You will do a full Race weekend including participating and qualifying in a Formula 3 Race Car.

    You will participate in the F2 Italian Series, with one of the best racing teams in Italy.


    You will Race on official race days on Italian and European tracks.


    Tracks and event at your choice from the list attached.


    Participate in a Race weekend, A unique adventure to the wonderful world of motor racing.


    You will be part of a leading racing team and participate in race on a real circuit.

    Racing license is a must. We help to achieve a racing license easy and fast.


    Italian Championship with Total of 7 rounds in tracks in Italy and Europe. Price is per race. Discount will be offered for more.


    We have Varity of 2 Formula 3 type DALLARA to run with

    • F308 with VW spiess Audi engine.
    • F317 with VW spiess Audi engine


    You will race on one of the most fascinating and legendary tracks in Italy and Europe.


    You will see from your helmet the images that Hamilton and Verstapen see.

    Take your adrenaline to the max, start your engine and lets go ...


    The car you are about to drive took 2nd place at Imola and 3rd place at Redbull ring on the Italian Formula 3 Championship | F2000 Trophy. It is a Powerful car and we ask you to treat it with full responsibility and respect. You are with us to have fun!


    Experience Including:

    • 3 days on a race circuit
    • More than 6 hours and 300km of race driving.
    • Full mechanic support including engine and safety control
    • Engineering – improving engines and body setting (when applicable)
    • Team assistance to help also correct mistakes.
    • Practical racing course - Teaching and helping the drivers to understand the circuit and trajectory.
    • Telemetering/analyzing data and improving the drive
    • Theoretical Racing course
    • Briefing
    • Transportation (from the airport , race tracks, Hotels)
    • Accommodation for 5 days and 4 nights (Hotel and food)
    • Photo coverage included
    • Onboard cameras.
    • Transponder and timing equipment for lap timing.
    • Food and beverage


    Important Notes

    • Cars are subject to be changed according to the availability at that day
    • Deposit of €10,000 is required. In case of an accident maximum to be detected is this sum. International visitor you must declare at your country that you will be participating in a motorsport event that it is not timed or registered. In most of the countries no need for extra charge but in some a different type of insurance is provided.
    • We offer a full coverage insurance by GULLWING.COM (to be discussed with them directly)

    • We run the cars also in light and heavy weather condition and according to the regulation of the race organization.
    • Cancelation will be available 2 weeks before the last day of registration according to the organization regulation
    • You can ask for the regulation to be sent to you by email at
    • License assistance is available for the price of €1700


    Participant level

    Racing license is a must. 


    Tentative Program

    First day

    • pick up from the air port
    • Briefing and car setup
    • night at an hotel near the track


    Second day

    • Free sessions
    • Lunch
    • Cont. Free sessions
    • Hotel
    • Dinner


    Third day

    • Free sessions
    • Lunch
    • Qualifying
    • Hotel
    • Dinner


    Forth day

    • Race Session
    • Lunch
    • Trophies
    • driving back to Milan
    • Hotel


    Fifth day

    • Transport to the airport


    Need more info? Write us an email or phone/whatsapp us at +39-328-5969-126

    • Date and circuits available 2024

      21-04   VALLELUNGA

      19-05   RED BULL RING

      02-06  IMOLA

      16-06   VALLELUNGA

      25-08  MUGELLO

      06-10  MONZA

      03-11   MISANO

    • Formula 3 F308 Technical specs

      Rear-wheel Drive

      Engine - 2.0 liter inline 4, 16 valves

      Weight - 465 Kg

      0-100 km / h: less than 2.0 sec.

      Power - 245hp @ 8200 rpm

      Gearbox - paddle shifter - Drexler, sequential, 6-speed + rear, clutch

      Brakes - Disc

      Tires- Pirelli Front-S210-20 / 54-13 9 "x 13", Rear 22 / 54-13 10.5 "X 13"

      Front suspension - double pushrod shock absorber

      Rear suspension - double pushrod shock absorber

      Frame - carbon sandwich with AL / Nomextm FIA honeycomb

      Sparco steering wheel with Bosch Motorsport F1 type

      Telemetry - Bosch Motorsport 

      45 liter tank (FIA FT3-Norm approved)

      Dimensions (mm) - L - 4264, L 1835, H- 950

      Places: 1

    • Formula 3 F318 Technical data

      Frame: Carbon monocoque
      Engine: Vw Power Engine A31
      Electronics: ECU Master Black Edition
      Power: 248 hp. a 7500 rpm
      Torque: 255 Nm at 5700 rpm
      Clutch: 140mm Sachs carbon double disc
      Gearbox: Hewland F3B-200 paddle shifter
      Gear ratios: 6 + reverse
      Suspension: Overlapping triangles with pull-rod
      Shock absorbers: Quantum 2-way with Eibach springs
      Brakes: Brembo HRB monolithic with Pagid discs and pads
      Rims: OZ in Magnesium 13'
      Tyres: Pirelli
      Wheelbase: 2800 mm
      Roadway: Ant. 1595 mm pole. 1540 mm
      Weight: 500 kilograms

    20.000,00 €Preis
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