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Scuderia Racing in Italy founded based on passion and great love for motorsport.

We have grown from motorsport and racing events all over Italy.

We are always ready for the next challenge !

The Team

We are one of the leading racing team in Italy and motorsport event provider, who are committed to provide a racing experience for everyone on a reasonable budget.

We have many years of experience in motor racing.
We participate in go-karts, super bikes, Formula, rally and drift cars championships in Italy
With drivers from 6 years old till 70.
​Our team is built from passionate individuals with many years of experience in the motor sport industry including racing, teaching, building and analyzing racing cars. 
Our team of mechanics, engineers and instructors holds many years of experience in races in Italy and in Europe.
We are part of the FX Italian series and F2 Trophy championship with our Formula 3 and Formula 4.


In 2020/21 we have reached 6th place in the Formula 4 category with Mei Shibi as our driver. Mei also won 1st place in his category for FIA/ACI SPORT in the region of PAVIA. He got rewarded for best results during the year of 2020. More info on here

This year we stand in 2nd position in the F3 PRO and PRO/AM Category as a team with Mei Shibi, Francesco Sofaroli and Franco Cimarelli, who also stand in 4th, 3rd and 2nd in their categories


aci sport

Member of 

race team in italy
oren shibi formula 3 team principal

Oren Shibi - Team Principal


Oren has many years of experience in the motorsport industry both as a driver and engineer.


In 1994, Oren began his motorsport journey and learned the basics of sports driving at Jim Russell's famed racing school in Donington Park, England.

Over the years he has participated in various races in the Formula Ford Championship in England and the Formula 3 club Italian championship.

In 2015 Oren built his first car, a replica of the mythological Super 7 in our workshop.

In 2011 Oren created a Go Kart team which he transferred to a Formula racing team.

His team is part of the Formula 2 Italian Trophy and Formula X Italian Series championships.

Oren is also the owner of Racing in Italy

maurizio facondini racing in italy

Facondini Maiurizio - Chief Mechanic


Maurizio has more than 40 years of experience in the Racing sector.

Since 1982, with the Renault R5 Turbo he has made the Italian Championship and the European Championship.

1984/85 Formula Fiat Abart - Italian Championship.

in 2001 Formula Renault Italian Championship and Formula Renault European Championship.

In 2013 he took part in Formula 2000 Light, Formula Abarth and Formula Renault 2.0, winning 1st place in the Formula 2000 Light Championship with the driver Luca Martucci.

In 2014 - 2020 Italian championship F2 Italian Formula Trophy.

claudio varga bmw

Claudio Varga - BMW expert


Claudio, works on the M division of BMW Munich, founder of the M3, M4 and Formula BMW cars. Claudio's role is fundamental in arranging and preparing our Formula BMW for every race and track days.

Dario Ladicola scuderia auto da corsa

Dario Ladicola - VW engine spiess expert and telemetry specialist

Dario PLC programming expert and electronics engineer, has many years of experience in  car racing telemetry sector. He brings with him the fine tuning to improve each driver.


Giorgio - Team Mechanic


Giorgio is a mechanic with a lot of passion for racing cars, he works under Facondini for many years and has a lot of experience in managing races and track days

mei shibi scuderia racing team

Mei Shibi - Race Driver

Mei, born in Israel and lives in Vigevano, he is 17 years old and this year makes the TopJet F2000 Trophy championship with the F308 / 11 Dallara VW Spiess engine.

Mei started his racing career at the age of 6, he did the Italian EasyKart Championship with 50cc and then with 60cc.

In 2020 Mei had his first experience with Formula, when he raced with his F4 BMW in the TopJet F2000 Trophy and FX Italian series championship.

Over the years he has gained a lot of experience in training 'Racing in Italy's customers, especially young adults, and has trained customers to drive, race and drift.

Formula 3 noleggio auto

The Race Cars

  • Dallara F311 VW Spiess engine

  • Dallara F308 Toyota engine

  • Dallara F308 FIAT engine 

  • BMW FB02 

topjet formula 2000 italian trophy

The championship -  TOPJET F2000 TROPHY

Spectacular races and guaranteed emotions
The season will take place in the main Italian and European racetracks - Autodromo Nazionale Monza, ACI Vallelunga Circuit, Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, Autodromo di Imola, Hockeniam and Red Bull Ring

Media coverage
Live TV, highlights and interviews on Sky and Social channels, coverage in major Italian newspapers.
Numerous categories
From single-seaters to cars - Formula Renault, Formula 3, Formula 4, Formula Classic, and others.
High level and quality of the cars, drivers and teams in all categories

Spectacular and fun races to watch and participate in

formula x italian series

The Championship - Formula X Italian Series

  • Spectacular races and guaranteed emotions

The season takes place on the main Italian racetracks - Autodromo Nazionale Monza, ACI Vallelunga Circuit, Autodromo di Varano de 'Melegari, Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, Adria International Raceway, Mugello Circuit and others.


  • Media coverage

Live TV, highlights and interviews on 228 Sky and Social channels


  • Numerous categories

From single-seaters to touring cars - Formula 3, Formula 4, ATCC, Formula Classic, Formula Predators and others.


  • Low running costs

Best quality / price ratio

Among the strengths of the FX Italian Series low cost events is the winning one. The championship offers the best product on the Italian market.

live stream formula x italian series
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