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Alfa Romeo Giulia or MiTo Test Drive and Racing Course in Milan
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia or MiTo Test Drive and Racing Course in Milan

    Racing in Italy present Special Packs including Special Events, Test Drive and Racing course on ALFA ROMEO MITO 1.4 TURBO with 200Hp. 


    WE HAVE ALSO GIULIA QUADRIFOGLIO with 510Hp on special request. 


    Several option for you to choose from:


    1. Admission Ticket single to the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese-€12

    Including Special days and events - Please see updated events at our info section


    2. Group Guided tour in the Museum - €100


    3. Test Drive Alfa Romeo MiTo

        Price includes:

    • Briefing on the car
    • Video onboard


    4. Rent/Hire an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

    • Half Day with 100km included - €590
    • Full Day with 200km included- €720

    Check in and out in Milano center

    A deposit of €5,000 is required


    5. Racing Course on a Race Track with ALFA ROMEO 

    Price Includes:

    • Briefing
    • Racing course – Theory
    • 25/30 laps on a race track (about an hour of pure driving) with debriefing every 10 laps ~ (3 times a 20 min session which ever comes first)
    • Video Onboard



    Enjoy the Drive !


    Quadrifoglio outside the museum for 7km/10min.



    More products with Alfa Romeo




    • Discover the Secret historical Collection

      17 March – A Raid of Brotherhood and Peace: the “Crazy One” of the expeditionDiscover more

      14 April –  The very first Giulia: a camouflaged prototype

      19 May – Great artists sign the “Alfa Romeo to its Drivers” Trophies

      23 June – The roots of Alfa Romeo: the Darracq 8/10 HP

      21 July – The Wankel engine: from the initial studies to Alfa Romeo’s applications

      25 August – New York Taxi: Alfa Romeo and Giugiaro for a prototype exhibited at the MoMa

      15 September – The revolutionary Alfetta mechanics stripped bare for presentation

      20 October –The Alfa Romeo kitchen and other “alternative” productions

      17 November – The “Pidocchio” (Louse): the ambitious solutions of the Tipo 103

      15 December – Alfa Romeo Technology: E.E.C. Electronic Engine Control


      Starts at 15.00 till 17.00 including guided tour to the museum 


      ​Dont watch alone !

      Join us to experience the thrill of the 2019 Formula 1 Championship over a BIG screen and with other fans !!!

      2019 calendar
      31st march - Bahrein GP
      28th  april  - Azerbaijan GP
      12nd may - Spanish GP
      26th may - Monaco GP
      23rd june - French GP
      30th june - Austrian GP
      14th ljuly - Great Britain GP
      28th  july - German GP
      4th august -  Hungarian GP
      1st september - Belgian GP
      8th september - Italian GP
      22nd september - Singapore GP
      29th september - Russian GP
      1st december - Abu Dhabi GP


      An event for all ages

      Find the treasure and win a price :)

      After an initial "inspection tour" with our guide, the game begins.

      Teams of at least 3 people to max 6.

      2019 calendar:
      3rd february
      3rd march
      7th april
      5th may
      2nd  june
      7 th july 
      4th  august
      1st september
      6th  october 
      33rd november
      1st december

      The afternoon will be organized as follows:
      • 14.30 – guided tour
      • 16.00 – beginning of the treasure hunt


      ​The Museo Storico Alfa Romeo in Arese willcelebrate its 109th anniversary since the Brand’s foundation.
      24th june 2019.


      For two days, the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo shows itself to visitors in a decidedly unusual way: with “Open Bonnets” 
      The limelight will not be given to the marvellous bodyworks, but rather to what they hide: frames, engines, the “heart” of the Alfa Romeos of all times. All that is usually invisibleto the eye will be unveiled to fans during this weekend.

      14th and 15th September


      Transmission 8-speed automatic pedal shifting
      Drivetrain RWD
      CO₂ emissions 4,791 kg/year
      Engine V6 2,9 l
      Power 505 hp @ 6,500 rpm (377 kW)
      Torque 443 lb·ft @ 2,500 – 5,500 rpm (601 N·m)
      Induction Turbocharged
      Bore 86 mm
      Stroke 82 mm
      Fuel type Premium
      Vehicle type / Category
      Vehicle type Sedan
      Category Sports Car $50,000 - $100,000
      Assembly Cassino, IT
      Generation 1
      Fuel efficiency / Autonomy
      City 12.8 L/100km
      Highway 7.5 L/100km
      Combined 10.4 L/100km
      Autonomy 557 km
      Infotainment / Connectivity
      Apple CarPlay compatible no
      Android Auto compatible no
      Tires / Suspension / Brakes / Safety
      Steering rack and pinion, electrical variable assist
      Traction control yes
      Stability control yes
      Seat belts 5
      Airbags 8
      Front suspension independent, double wishbones
      Rear suspension independent, multi-link
      Front brakes disc (ABS)
      Rear brakes disc (ABS)
      Front tires P245/35ZR19
      Rear tires P245/35ZR19
      Dimensions / Weight
      Length 4,643 mm (183″)
      Width 1,860 mm (73″)
      Height 1,426 mm (56″)
      Wheelbase 2,820 mm (111″)
      Front track 1,555 mm (61″)
      Rear track 1,607 mm (63″)
      Weight 1,603 kg (3,534 lb)
      Weight distribution (front-rear) 50% - 50%
      Passengers 5
      Fuel tank 58 l (13 gal)
      Trunk 480 l (17 cu ft)
      Towing capacity N/A
      Power to weight ratio 234.7 W/kg
      0-100 km/h 3.9 s 
      Top speed 307 km/h (191 mph) 
      Braking distance 34 m
    12,00 €Preis
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