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Karting | GoKart | Professional Course | Training & Race | Milan
  • Karting | GoKart | Professional Course | Training & Race | Milan

    Do you want to become a race driver?

    Your child is loving the formula 1 world and you want him to try it ?

    You ask yourself how can a kid start his journey to become a formula 1 race driver?

    Well, Racing in Italy is the answer.

    We provide Professional training and courses conducted by professional formula race drivers.

    You can chose out from racing courses on a karting car , to track days with our go karts or either with yours

    we start with 4 stroke go karts and move to 2 stroke go kart.

    4strock 270cc Honda

    2 strokes - TBKart 125cc, 25hp


    Depend on the progress , we will participate in , amatory , local and international races

    all depend on your progress and budget

    Our instructors are actual and former formula 4 and formula 3 race drivers.


    We can host mostly in weekdays at a karting race track not far from Milan. Open-door international professional race track of about 1km.


    First you will need a basic racing course

    After this, full Trackdays and practice

    we recommend for you to do few track days at our home race track not far from Milan and then to move to other race tracks.

    For starter it is good to build also mussels and Endurance at a very technical race track near Bergamo

    We will practice at the beginning at racetracks closer to Milano for comfort reasons.


    You will learn:

    • Driving behavior

    • Determination of the breaking point

    • Determination of the turning point

    • Determination of the clip point

    • Determination of the exit point

    • How to manage different curves


    Track days are built like this:

    We will prepare the kart for you

    Set up as much as possible with a rented kart

    When you will purchase a GoKart we will take care of it, including maintenance, adapted seat, setup for each race track we test.


    At The track day its self

    we will train you for the track , which corners you need to be aware from, where to clip, braking points, secret advises ect…

    We will have around 5-8 sessions depend on the day, the time we will have and your physical.

    Please follow also the fitness program

    After each session, you will receive a full telemetry information about the way you drove , about the car reaction and we will teach you where to improve.

    Once we will run with your personal gokart  - When necessary we will change setting of the car and make modification in order for you to feel more comfortable with the car and get better timing.

    And once you will feel comfortable, we will go to bigger race tracks in all Italy in order to get more experience. After you and us feel that you are ready for racing we can enroll to an amatory races and after to a regional championship and start to do real race weekends.

    Next stage will be to enroll to the Italian championship.

    Depend on what you will want to do next , we can do as many as track days as possible



    In general we can host at evening sessions from 16.00 till 21.00 in most week days but there will be days in which we can use the track on day times as well from 09.00 till 17.00. We will do about 8 sessions of 10/15min each day of training.




    Track day at Ottobiano circuit near Milano (4-5 sessions) inc team and the gokart –

    Daytime sessions - €1,290 euro ( per day, 5 sessions)

    Evening time sessions - €990 euro ( per day) - Normally 4 sessions


    Track day includes:

    • Professional race driver as instructor / Coach
    • 10/15 min session every hour From 09.00 till 17.00  (or from 16.30 till 20:00) 
    • Debriefing after each session
    • Full day Go-Kart rental
    • Fuel surcharge included
    • Video onboard included
    • Telemetry analysis
    • Track admin



    Based on the fact that you use your own Kart, and renting the team services

    • Each Track day at circuits near Milano (6 sessions) will cost you €1,450 euro
    • Each Track day at circuits far from Milano (6 sessions) will cost you €2,350 euro (including staff accommodation) 
    • Each Amator Race day will cost you 1,490 euro
    • Each Regional Race weekend will cost you €5,500 euro (including staff accommodation and all track expenses) 


    The prices including maintenance of the go-kart and setup for each race as mentioned below

    And its based on the fact that you will do at least 5 track days with us a year


    Garage Services includes

    • Storage at our premises near Milan, Italy
    • Car routine maintenance including material
    • Race preparation (setup, modifications for each track)


    Transfer Services includes

    • Race car and material transport to tracks all over Italy and Europe (round trip)


    Track Services includes

    • Mechanics
    • Professional Tools and equipment
    • Telemetry service - specialist that connects to your car and will give you everything needed to be faster
    • Professional race driver as instructor / Coach to give you secrets and explanations on the racetracks you run
    • 3 days on a race circuit (in race weekends)
    • Engineering – improving engines and body setting (when applicable)
    • Team Accommodation (when applicable)
    • Onboard cameras.
    • Transponder and timing equipment for lap timing.



    • Rental of Race cars Formula 3 & Formula 4
    • Your cars improvements and modifications
    • Car and Driver Insurance coverage services



    • In both cases Damage to the gokart is not included
    • Participate in a race will be discussed during the first 2 months , according to your progress.
    • We might do some amatorial races according to the progress as follows:


    • Amatorial Races 2024

      Date Chamiponship Cat
      3-Mar K33 2T
      17-Mar Formula Kart 2T
      17-Mar GP 4T
      7-Apr K33 2T
      25-Apr GP 4T
      25-Apr Formula Kart 2T
      1-May K33 2T
      12-May Formula Kart 2T
      12-May GP 4T
      1-Jun K33 2T
      23-Jun Formula Kart 2T
      23-Jun GP 4T
      6-Jul K33 2T
      7-Jul Formula Kart 2T
      7-Jul GP 4T
      8-Sep K33 2T
      15-Sep Formula Kart 2T
      15-Sep GP 4T
      5-Oct K33 2T
      13-Oct Formula Kart 2T
      13-Oct GP 4T
      1-Nov K33 2T
      10-Nov Formula Kart 2T
      10-Nov GP 4T
    990,00 €Preis
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