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Advanced | Safe Driving Course | Milan | Italy
  • Private Advanced | Safe Driving Course | Milan | Italy

    Improve your driving capabilities with this professional course of advanced driving

    You will earn to control your vehicle, how to brake safely, how to overcome obstacle, how to seat correctly and how to overcome loss of grip of the car.


    We use drift racing cars to teach you how to control the cars coming directly from our driving school.


    You will be a much safer driver that will have the tools to prevent a road accident

    This course is aimed for adults who wish to improve their skills but strongly recommended also for young drivers and youngers with no driving license who are about to start to issue a driving license.

    Our car fleet is built from powerful street cars and actual race cars for full thrilling experience.



    We use BMW M3, Nissan 350Z, Alfa Romeo MiTo Turbo Race Car, Audi and FIAT


    Theory Session

    • Safety and posture
    • Driving position
    • Correct use of the hands on the steering wheel
    • Steering techniques
    • Use of the car controls
    • Understand how Braking system works
    • Understeer and oversteer
    • Importance of the tire (pressures / wear / models)
    • Dynamic behavior of the vehicle (roll / pitch)
    • Trajectories (different curves / lines)
    • The forces that are released in the event of an accident
    • Passive security system
    • Safety belt / head restraint
    • Air-bag and child protection
    • Active security system
    • ABS / ESP / Anti-sliding


    Practical Session

    • Go in and out of Understeer - practice on a wet pitch.
    • Go in and out of Oversteer - practice on a wet pitch.
    • Emergency braking and avoiding obstacles
    • Slalom practice to understand the load working on the vehicle.
    • Avoiding an obstacle without braking


    Tentative Program

    08.00 / 08.30: Arrival

    09.00 / 10.00: Briefing and Theory

    10.00 / 13.00: Practice on safe driving area (under and oversteer / emergency stop)

    13.00 / 14.00: Lunch break

    2.00pm / 4.00pm: Continue Practice on a safe driving area (braking / slalom)

    16.00 / 17.30: Driving on the race track


      990,00 €Preis
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