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3 Days Racing Academy Course on a Formula Car | Milan | Italy
  • 3 Days Racing Academy on a Formula Car | Racing School | Milan | Italy

    Ever wanted to be a formula Race Driver?

    Ever wonder how a formula 1 race drivers feels like?

    You can Start your Formula journey here with Racing in Italy, the best racing school in Italy.


    Our Racing Academy provide the basic to get into the world of formula racing.

    It comprises of 3 whole days of theory sessions, testing and training sessions to build and improve your skills.


    At each session You will do 10 laps OR a 20min (whichever comes first)

    Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance and drive a real race car on the track



    DAY 1


    Course and 3 test sessions at our home race track

    We will start at 09.00 with briefing and theory

    We will do 1 session with the Ferrari or Alfa with a debriefing after

    In the afternoon We will do session with the singles seater LEGEND following by debriefing and then 1 session on the formula car.

    Our instructors will be waiting you on site and by using our live onboard video cams to see the things you do good and not good

    We will continue to do another 2 sessions with debriefing between each session


    DAY 2


    Depend on YOUR progress we will decide if this day will still be at our home race track or at Nuvolari race track which is a faster track.

    You will do 4 sessions with the formula car to improve your skills and get better sensation of the car to prepare you for the next day which we will start to take lap timing.

    Between each session a telemetry and debriefing session will be held in order to improve you skills


    DAY 3


    4 to 6 sessions at Nuvolari race track (located 15 min from our race track)

    Morning and afternoon sessions.

    It is a longer and faster track for more advanced drivers in which you should be able to already handle the car in a professional way.

    Telemetry and advance video cam will give us more info on your driving in which you will receive briefing on your driving behavior after each session

    This day will be dedicated to improve timing and race line


    The Tracks we use

    • Our Home Race Track – Racing in Italy Track (Pavia) – We can host almost at every day

    How to drive castelletto circuit - Home Track

    • Tazio Nuvolari Circuit | (Pavia) - 2.8 km track with fast straight-line- We can host normaly on WEDNESDAY OR THURSDAY.

    How to drive Nuvolari Circuit - Nuvolari Track


    More info about our racing team


    Costs of the Racing Academy Course

    3 days of training as mentioned - €4,900

    Prices include race, garage and transfer services


    What we offer?

    Race Team services

    •  Race Team - including mechanics, telemetry and race car engineers,
    •  Full mechanical support including engine control and safety
    •  Race Engineering – improving the engine and car setup for you.
    •  Professional Race Driver as instructor / Coach to give you secrets and explanations on the race tracks you run
    •  Circuit and trajectory assistance
    •  Telemetry/data analysis and driving improvement
    •  Car and track briefing
    •  Onboard video including telemetry data
    •  Transponder and lap timing equipment
    •  Lunch and Aperitif
    •  Fuel included
    •  Used set of tires (in a very good condition)
    •  Transport of the racing car
    •  Professional Tools and equipment
    •  Team Accommodation
    •  Driver’s Track admission
    •  Helmet, racing gloves, racing suit, Hans (when applicable), Shoes


    Transfer Services includes

    • Race car and material transport to tracks all over Italy and Europe (round trip)


    Not include are:

    •  Your transportation to the location
    •  Your accommodation
    •  Your Meals, accept those indicated
    •  Driver insurance (can be purchased from us)
    •  Car Insurance (can be purchased from us, otherwise a deposit of €20,000 is required), we use the services of www.GULLWING.COM 
    •  Damage to the car and third parties



      What you will learn?

      •  Driving behavior
      •  Determination of the breaking point
      •  Determination of the turning point
      •  Determination of the clip point
      •  Determination of the exit point
      •  How to manage different curves


      Level of participants

      With the F4 – entry level is ok, if you don’t have any experience, please approach it with full responsibility and serious


      After you finish this course, you may consider to do our track days all over Europe with our F4 FIA ready Renault Engine Formula Car.

      Our track days include all the services above, we normally arrive to the race track a day before.

      We run all over Europe, to receive a full list of track days please contact us by email or whatsapp.


      We work in an active race track, we work by sessions and by strict timing , please respect the time schedule and the change in time session that might appears and follow the instructors instructions.


      Watch a video of how your days will look like 


      We participate in the Italian championship for Formula FX and F2 Trophy


      If you buy this experience as a gift, write YES on the order page and the desired day of arrival, Then fill in this voucher

      • Important

        •  Maximum height 185 cm
        •  Maximum weight 85 kg
        •  Cars are subject to change based on availability on that day
        •  A deposit of €5,000 is mandatory.
        •  Cancellation is possible 1 month before the event
        •  We will not be able to host you in case of adverse weather conditions such as snow, heavy rain or frozen track. If so, we may postpone the service to another day or a full refund will be returned. We also run the cars on days of light rain and fog.
        •  Cars are subject to change based on that day's availability
        •  We use Pirelli P-Zero™ in all of our race cars !
        •  Time in the track premises – about 5-6  hours
      4.900,00 €Preis
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